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By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest - Confucius



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By Hiroko Sakate , CCYP Workshop February 2012

I’m not sure ifHiroko’s sculpt has a name , but the ‘lost heart’ conveys something essential about the theme of body, mind, soul and eating disorder that we explored in the workshop  

THINKBLOTS see the video of CCYP to the Art & the Asylum exhibition where the students looked at some of Rorschach’s original inkblots.  Working with UoN resident artist Jo Berry, the students experimented making their own thinkblots.    

"What most impressed me were the academic and practical resources I got from supervisors, the convenient and supportive students service system and the most beautiful library I have ever seen.  I enjoyed the independence of academic work in a supportive humanistic environment.  I was able to choose the topics of my essay depending on my own interests, and I got much from the mentoring of different supervisors".  - Bin Hu, former UoN MA student who now works as a counsellor in Shanghai University.  

Students were then invited to reflect on a selection of THINKBLOTS, and then make individual comments (out of sight other’s comments), a sort group free association exercise.

THINKBLOT by Jules Jakeman

Autumn burst serenity,

Now Christmas time is coming in a volcanic explosion!

Wild, a forest bonfire in  a cocktail glass

Crackling wood, angry like Harry Potter

A wild phoenix, leaving his nest up in flames

Psychotherapy takes place in the overlapping spaces of play between therapist and client - Donald Winnicott

Passion, Salsa, Pelvis, A Spectacular Indian Head-dress eagle flying two headed dragon demonic butterfly,

Like an angel owl with big eyes behind a mask,  fire beneath its wings, watching you

December 2011 visit to the National Gallery & Freud Museum in London

Video of the visit by Maya MAMISH here.

Thinking about observation research ?

Joe Berke visiting the Art & Asylum exhibition.  Short film also with the CCYP student’s reading of Mary Barnes’ untitled painting.   

Home CV/Publications Firestarting Students  Addiction Archive
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