PhD Students

Completed PhD/Doctoral Students

Fiona Birkbeck  - Organisational change and leadership in the NHS & Schools. Completed 2017. (1st Supervisor).

Salmah Yussof (UNMC) - Counselling in groups.  Training standards, is the preparation fit for purpose. Completed 2017. (1st Supervisor).  Awarded January 2018.

Sarah Chan Man Wai - Mandatory versus Voluntary Continuing Professional Education: Perspective on nursing in Singapore. EdD (1st supervisor, 2nd supervisor Patrick Callaghan). Awarded June 2017

Jan Royal – What impact has the introduction of the ongoing achievement record had on mentors and on the robustness of the associated assessment practices? EdD Awarded 2017. (1st supervisor).

Andy Hau Yan Ho - Strengthening Palliative Care through Health Promotion and Education Reform: An Ethnographic Study on Student Learning Process and Outcome of a New Common Core Curriculum (CCC) Course on Death Education in Higher Education (1st supervisor).  EdD Awarded May 2016.

Jenelle Clarke (f/t ESRC studentship).  – Comparative study of therapeutic community practice (2nd supervisor, 1st supervisor Nick Manning).  In-depth observations to see first-hand how people suffering from mental health problems interact with staff and fellow clients in two psychotherapeutic communities.   (Winner of UoN Postgraduate Endowed Award 2014). PhD Awarded June 2015.    

Christine Louise English (p/t) - Attachment patterns in drug addiction. PhD awarded 2011. (1st Supervisor).

Current PhD Students

Jennifer West -  EdD.  Completes 2018. (2nd Supervisor) [20%]

Kleopatra Pssaraki – Therapeutic Communities: A Social Movement.  Due to complete 2018 (1st Supervisor). [80%]

Maisa Almatrafi - Stakeholder perceptions of the use of anti-depressants among school age children. Thesis due to be submitted January 2018. (1st Supervisor). [80%]

Simon Clarke.  Being Real: A Layered Account of Authenticity, Recovery and Professionalisation.  Commenced 2014.  (1st supervisor). [80%]

Ann Scott.  Psychoanalytic observation study of acute psychiatric settings.  Commenced September 2014 (1st Supervisor). [80%]    

Emma Joyes. AHRC funded.  Creative practice in acute MH. Due to complete 2019 (2nd Supervisor - IMH). [20%]

Ryan Boultbee. Therapeutic Environments. (2nd Supervisor – Built Environment). Due to complete 2020 [25%]  

Daniel Da Bell:  Suicide prevention in adolescent boys. Commenced 2018. (1st Supervisor) [Education] [80%]

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