Grants & Research leadership


(July 2015) PI – £2,724. Managed Innovation Network: School Age Suicide and Self-Harm.  Institute of Mental Health.

(May 2015) CI - £5,900. Foundation for the Sociology of Health & Illness.  Grant to develop large project bid.  Working title: Mental Health & Therapeutic Communities: Towards a New Sociology of Hope.   

(May 2015) PI – £4,495.  Crime Drugs Partnership Nottingham.  Pilot study examining early intervention for persistent young fires setters.

(December 2013) - £5,000 (per annum) Director of Arts Programme, Institute of Mental Health.  

(June 2013- ) Convenor of research theme: China Mental Health & Schools.

(March 2013 – February 2016) PI – £183,754.  Clay as Mutual Recovery.  AHRC.

(September 2012-September 2013) PI- £5,020. Managed Innovation Network: School Age Suicide & Self-Harm.  Institute of Mental Health.

(August 2011-August 2012) PI - £25,000.  Arts Sandpit funding.  Therapeutic use of Clay with Disturbed Adolescents.

(Nov 2005-2007) PI - £13,977. ESRC: Psychosocial Aspects of Malicious Fire-setting in Adults: Perspectives for Prevention & Treatment, 24 months.  

(1999-2004) Workforce confederation grant for PhD (including: salary cover, expenses, fees, £26,000)

(2002-2004) DoH Policy: Personality Disorder – No Longer a Diagnosis of Exclusion.  Focus group leader.

(1992-1994) Full time clinical researcher (first such appointee in joint hospital: developed and conducted several research projects including:

> RCT examining relapse prevention v treatment as usual,

> Cost benefit analysis of criminal activity versus treatment costs

> Development of service and research protocols for first UK out-patient Methadone Maintenance Service (with Bell, J).  

> HIV & health education: examining the efficacy and impact on attitudes in safer sex education programmes.

Unattained or currently submitted grants from 2001:

(January 2015) Arts Council.  Comedy Workshops for Recovery – An RCT.  £325,000 (PI).

(January 2015) ESRC Call.  Sibling & Birth Order Effect on Mental Health.  Submitted for internal review, £227,000 (PI).

(November 2012) PI.  Suicide & Self-Harm among children and young people.  NCL2016 (Nottingham, Cambridge, London). Department of Health.  £357,276. (Co-applicants: Paul Wilkinson, Steve Briggs, Marie Armstrong, Dilip Nathan, Agyris Stingaris, Nigel Chapman).

(August 2010) Co-investigator.  Lifelong Health and Wellbeing (LLHW) Phase 3.  MRC.   

(January 2010) Co-investigator.  National Institute for Health Technology Assessment (HAT).  What Works for Children of Parents with Severe Mental Illness: A systematic review of intervention programmes.  £135,759.

(June 2009) Co-investigator. National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Recovery & educational access for people who use mental health services (REAP).  £249,996.     

(May 2009) Co-investigator. BERA. Insight on Violence in Mainstream Primary and Secondary Schools. £19,506.

(Feb 2009) Co-investigator. DCSF 2009002.  Families, separation and intervention.  With University of Wolverhampton.     

(Oct 2008) Co-investigator.  Pro and anti-sociality in adolescences: a psycho-neuro-economic perspective. ESRC FEC £2,768,308 with an ESRC contribution of £1,975,846.

(Feb 2008) Co-investigator. Targeted Mental Health in Schools Programme Evaluation (Dept for Schools & Families).  £1,498,164. (PI Roger Murphy)     

(Oct 2007) Principal-investigator  £83,734 Joseph Rowntree foundation.  Under whose influence - drinking cultures among young people.  

(June 2007) HSSSG. PI. Schools on fire: examining antecedents and responses to fires in educational and youth establishments in Nottinghamshire.

(Aug 2005) Principal-investigator. £295,437 SDO Evaluating staff morale on in-patient units – final short list.

(Apr 2005) Principal-investigator. Sheffield Consortium – Comparison of staff and patient perceptions of level of user involvement on in-patient units.  18 months, £37,345.

(June 2004) Principal-investigator. DoH forensic bid: evaluating addiction treatment programmes in prisons and high security hospitals costs included replacement cost for PhD student, £45,626.

(Oct 2001) Principal-investigator .DoH project to evaluate the development of assertive outreach services across 3 counties: Outreach. £25,000  

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