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Meg Harris Williams - Aesthetic Development, The: The Poetic Spirit of Psychoanalysis: Essays on Bion, Meltzer, Keats  

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John Tsiantis - Assessing Change in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Children and Adolescents: Today's Challenge

Karkou, Vicky - Arts Therapies in Schools: Research and Practice  

Coles, Prophecy - Uninvited Guest from the Unremembered Past, The: An Exploration of the Unconscious Transmission of Trauma across the Generations

Williams, Gianna - Internal Landscapes and Foreign Bodies: Eating Disorders and Other Pathologies.  

The following list of new E-Books are now available on-line from the library.

PhD students dangerous rise of therapeutic education E-Books & Reading Process Groups Dissertations

Siblings Edited by Prophecy Coles - see chapters on Trauma, Democracy - here

Guardian article on birth order - here

PhD students dangerous rise of therapeutic education E-Books & Reading Process Groups Dissertations