Dr. Gary Winship, Ph.D., is visiting Professor University Reaviz, Moscow, Associate Professor in the School of Education, University of Nottingham, UK where he leads an international MA in Trauma Studies. He is Senior Fellow, Arts Coordinator and executive management group of the Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham University.  Registered psychotherapist and MHN, Dr. Winship has extensive clinical and research experience in therapeutic environments, especially working with psychotic states, addictions, suicide, self-harm and addictions. His research has been applied to the understanding of the optimal orthopedagogical conditions for an effective institutional milieu including schools, prison and hospitals.  Dr. Winship has published over 100 papers, books and book chapters.  In 2011 he delivered a keynote address to the 22nd China Congress of Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Editor International Journal of Therapeutic Communities, Chair of Training Standards Universities Psychotherapy & Counselling Association (UPCA), Chair of Appointments Panel Skellern Lecture and JPMHN Lifetime award (www.skellern.info). UKCP Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, NMC Registered MHN.

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'The noblest therapist of them all. We all have much to learn from this reticent master of our discipline, and I am sure this book, like its subject, will evoke the admiration, affection, and respect it deserves.'
- Jeremy Holmes, Author of John Bowlby and Attachment Theory

'Jonathan Pedder's papers are wide-ranging, passionate and sometimes controversial. He works out, in his own unique way, attachment theory ideas about many central topics including the inner drama that needs to be played out on the stage of transference, regression and dependency.'
- Michael Brearley, Psychoanalyst, Former Chair of British Psychoanalytical Society

This collection of written pieces plots the work of an NHS psychotherapist, Jonathan Pedder, turning the science of psychiatry into human encounters. He had a career teaching and inspiring colleagues and students with psychoanalytic ways of thinking, encouraging and supporting them in the challenges of contemporary psychiatry. In his work he made the world of psychoanalysis accessible to non-analysts, and this book augments the textbook on psychotherapy which Pedder wrote with Dennis Brown. Pedder was a quiet visionary influential in offering a pathway for mental health workers from many disciplines to find their way to the psychoanalytic ideas that illuminate their patients/clients.'

- Professor R. D. Hinshelwood, Author of Clinical Klein and Dictionary of Kleinian Thought

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