Conference & Research Dissemination (*plenary or keynote)

*(2016) Comedy & Mental Health.  Lakeside Theatre (evening chaired by Lucy Porter), University of Nottingham. May 5th.

*(2015) Therapeutic Communities and Anarchy.  Keynote: Windsor Conference. October 19-21.   

(2015) Oneliness: The one Child Policy in China.  Paper presentation.  AHRC Utopia Conference.  Bristol Zoo.  May 18-20.

(2015) Comedy and Clay & Mutual Recovery.  Poster.  European Federation of Therapeutic Communities Annual Conference.  Malaga.  March 13-16  

*(2015) Dangerous pleasures and addictive appetites.  Paper presented to: Derby Psychotherapy Association Seminar Series.  Derbyshire NHS Psychotherapy Department.  18th February.  

*(2015) The Pleasure Paradox.  The Addiction’s Conference - Spiritus contra spiritum. Society for Analytical Psychology. Arundel House, London Jan 30.

(2014) Wisdom, War & Oblivion – Wounded Healer’s.  A one act play based on Wilfred Bion’s War Memoirs (with Eric Halll & Logie MacDonald-Winship).  International Health Humanities Conference: Trauma Textualities.  Nottingham University.  Sept 7.  

(2014) Clay transformations and Mutual Recovery.  Poster.  NPNR Research Conference.  Sept 7. *(2014) Talking on Egg Shells - the challenges of talking about suicide.  East Midlands Suicide and Self Harm Network Conference.  University of Nottingham.  June 13.

*(2014) Rescuing Recovery.  Royal College of Psychiatrist’s Community of Communities Annual Forum. Brunei Gallery SOAS, London. May 1.  

*(2014) Schools & Suicide.  Speakers included; Ella Arensman (Cork), Rory O Connor (Glasgow).  University of Nottingham. January 24. Chair of panel and plenary address (300+ delegates)  

*(2013) Addictions, drugs and alcohol – a one day workshop.  Glasgow University.  Oct 25.

(2013) Invited paper: Psychotic spaces and addiction. Psychotherapy Now Conference.  Bloomsbury.  Oct 5.

(2013) Paper: The NHS, Anarchy & the process of change.  NPNR Conference.  University of Warwick. September 6.

*(2013) Keynote paper: The erotic journey of Lou Andreas-Salome: A story for our time.  The Modern Erotic: A multi-disciplinary international conference. Freud Museum.  

 (2013) Drug control, comparative perspectives: Invited paper.  Science, Technology & Society Priority Group.  Hemsley Suite, University of Nottingham.  April 18.  

*(2012) Maudsley Hospital, Wolfson Lecture Theatre.  Keynote: History of Ward Six.  Conference: Unimaginable Storms – Celebrating the Life & Work of Murray Jackson. November 10.   

*(2012) Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park. Keynote: Honouring & Celebrating the Life of the Association of Therapeutic Communities. Annual International Therapeutic Communities Conference.   22-24 October, 2012.

*(2012) Nottingham University.  One day conference - Self harm and suicide in children and Young People.  Launch of IMH Managed Innovation Network (School Age Suicide).  Plenary.  Speakers: Peter Wilson, Dr Dilip Nathan, Sonia Frankish, Marie Armstrong.  Oct 17.

(2012) Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery.  The Art of Alfred Kubin.  A public gallery walkthrough lecture; 29 August.  

(2012) Clay Transformations Network Launch.  University of Nottingham.  June 29.  

(2011) Keble College Oxford.  Paper: The Poetics of MHN.  NPNR Conference.  Sept 26.     

(2011) University of Nottingham.  COMET Medical Health Humanities Conference. Oral Paper: The ethical challenges of single case study research. June 30

*(2011) Ningbo, China.  XXII Symposium on Child Mental Mealth. Key note address: Mental health resilience and only children.  June 16.          

*(2011) University of Nottingham. Narratives of Trauma: A one-day symposium. Hemsley Conference Suite.  Key note: Ring-a-ring a roses, a pocketful of poesy.  May 20.

(2011) Institute of Mental Health.  Adolescence and Personality Disorder.  Paper (with Dr Rex Haigh & Gail Thornton).  May 11.    

(2011) Ashbourne School, Derbyshire.  A-level psychology class: Invited presentation on Psychoanalysis & Lou Andreas Salome. April 8.

(2011) University of Nottingham/Fudan University Shanghai. Video conference with Shanghai Fudan University.  Children and adolescent mental health.  Participant. Institute of Mental Health  March 11.    

*(2011) Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery.  This Event Will Change Your Life – An evening of public Lectures.  Keynote: Psychoanalysis, art & creativity. Jan 25.  

(2011) University of Nottingham: Institute of Mental Health. Special China Seminar: Transgenerational upheaval and migration in the making of modern China in the film: 24 City 24 by Jia Zhang Ke.  The seminar explored the evolution of China’s recent history through to the present day through the lens of Factory 420.  Professor Min Yang talked about her experience growing up Chengdu. Seminar organizer.  Jan 25.

(2010) Fudan University, Shanghai, China. Seminar on Mental Health. Invited paper: Children of the Revolution - reflections on the mental health implications of China's one child family policy. October 15.

(2010) Shanghai Mental Health Centre, Shanghai, China.  One day seminar. Invited paper: Children of the Revolution - reflections on the mental health implications of China's one child family policy. October 14.

(2010) The Shanghai Expo, London Zed Pavillion, China.  Special UoN Seminar. Mental health in sustainable industrial societies.  Invited paper: Children of the Revolution - reflections on the mental health implications of China's one child family policy. October 11.

(2010) University of Nottingham. 1st International Health Humanities Conference, Paper: Chess with a schizophrenic, Bion v Beckett, Murhpy v Mr Endon.  Aug 6-8.

*(2010) The Royal Society of Medicine, London.  Community Housing & Therapy Trust. Conference: psychosis & substance misuse.  Keynote: Bion’s unpublished notes on Rosenfeld’s psychotic addicts. March 5.

*(2009) Sheffield Hallam. Innovations in Mental Health - Student conference.  Keynote: Reflections on the changes in MHN.  November 12.  

*(2009) Friends Meeting House, Euston, London.  5th Annual Addiction & Psychotherapy Conference.  Keynote paper:  Paper: 'Wir' playing trust games': rethinking health education strategies to combat sharing among IDUs.    July 1-2.  

(2008) University of Birmingham, Oral History Conference - NHS at 60 Who Cared? Paper: Therapeutic Communities and the Origins of Peplau, Altschul & Skellern.    July 3-5.    

(2008) London, Institute of Group Analysis.  Paper: Post-democracy, 1968 and after. Psychotherapy & Liberation Conference.  May 2-4.  

*(2008) Dorking Halls, Surrey & Borders Mental Health Trust. Day Conference: Psychological mindedness.  Keynote: Talking therapies and the Poetics of MHN.  January 25.  (RCN Accredited event).     

(2007) Cumberland Lodge, Windsor. Annual TC Conference: Institutions in Chaos. Paper: Taking Anarchy Seriously.    Sept 4.

*(2006) Harrogate International Conference Centre, MHNA Conference.  Keynote: Chess with a schizophrenic: Murphy versus Endon, Beckett & Bion.  What we learn about psychotherapy from a game of chess.      Oct 19.  

(2006) Madrid. 15th ISPS International Congress for the Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia and other Psychoses. Paper: Psychotic fixation: connecting features of repetition-compulsion in psychosis, drug addiction & obsessive compulsive disorder. June 14.

(2005) Sheffield Wednesday Football Ground.  Sheffield NHS Research Consortium.  Presented paper: Hearing the patient’s voice - the use of focus groups in research into mental health. (with Repper, J) September 15.  

(2004) University of Manchester.  International Society for the Psychological Therapies of Psychosis & Schizophrenia.  Presented paper: Psychotic repetition, connecting features in OCD, psychosis & addiction. September 12.

(2004) UEL. Working with Emotions in Health Care Network – ESRC funded seminar (jointly organised by University of Surrey, Brunel University and UEL).  Invited paper: ‘The Organisation of Emotions’.  March 12.    

*(2003) Tavistock, Freud Museum conference 10th Anniversary of Freud’s women (Lisa Appignaesi & John Forrester).  Keynote paper: Lou Andreas-Salome’s Die Erotik.  December 6th

(2002) Institute of Psychoanalysis, London, ISPS seminar. Presented paper: Further thoughts on the process of restraint in Psychiatric ICUs.  September 23.  

*(2002) Guildford Hall, London Conference: Personality Disorders: Mad, Bad or Just Misunderstood (launch of DoH document).  Keynote paper: TC approaches to treating PD.  November 22.  

*(2001) Tavistock, London.  Psychotherapy & the Psychoses.  Conference organised by: CONFER, Keynote: Dual Diagnosis and Episodic Psychosis.  Sept 29.

(2001) Reading University, Berks.  Conference committee.  International Society for the Psychological Treatments of Schizophrenia [ISPS] UK Conference.  Concurrent session chair, Sept 13.

(2000) Tavistock Clinic, London.  Conference organiser: Addiction Analysis 2000 joint conference Tavistock, ATC and University of East London Oct 5-6.  

(1997) Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, Westminster.  Paper:  Intensive care psychiatric nursing - the need for specialism.  12th International Symposium for the Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia, October 15.

(1997) Kensington Town Hall, London.  Paper:  Six hours of therapy, 24 hours of care – partial hospitalisation and the role of peer support.  6th International Mental Health Nursing Congress, 6-October 8.  

(1996) University of East London.  Paper: The potential role of citizens juries in psychiatry.  10th Annual Public Sphere Conference.  University of East London, Oct 24.

(1996) Tavistock, London.  Lead conference organiser and chair of Dr Suzanne Lego’s key note address at the 2nd APP Nursing Conference.  Oct 12.  

(1996) Mohonk Mountain House, New York.  Invited to address the International Organization for Psychodynamic Nursing [IOPN],  April 17-19.  Address: Psychodynamic Nursing in the UK.

(1995) University of East London.  Psychoanalysis and the Public Sphere Conference, Paper: Justice as an Inherent Characteristic of Group Dynamics?  Nov 18.

(1995) Ravenscar, York.  Society for Psychotherapy Research Conference. Paper: Examining the GP and Psychotherapist Partnership: Liasion Between GP's and a NHS Psychotherapy Department (With Knowles, J & Haigh, R). March 19       

(1995) Tavistock, London, Lead conference organiser and plenary session facilitator: Crossing the Divide Between Psychoanalysis and Nursing - A Bridge too Far?  The Inaugural APP Nursing Conference. October 28.

(1993) Maudsley, London.  National Addictions Centre.   Convenor: Hepatitis, Past, Present and Future. Chair, speakers; Dr. Julia Heptonstall - Communicable Diseases Centre, London and Dr. Christopher Tibbs, Liver Unit - K.C.H. October 22.

(1994) Institute of Psychiatry, London.  Carers In Need of Care - National Conference.  Paper: The Unconscious Impact of Caring for Acutely Disturbed Patients - A Perspective for Supervision. June 27.

(1994) Fairfield Halls, Croydon.  Drugs and Croydon Teenagers. Presented a pre-tabled question. April 27.

(1993) UMIST, Manchester. 5th International Congress of Mental Health Nursing. Paper 1: Sexual Health Education (with Peachy, A). Paper 2: HIV Counselling With Drug Users. September 20.

Conferences & presentations [updated May 2016]

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