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Course leader of MA Trauma Informed Practice since 2016. My role includes interviewing all applicants personally to ensure that the course is suitable, and that applicants are aware of the challenge of studying trauma which entails engagement with many aspect of human experience characterised by distress.

Module (code) Course/Level Convenor Contribution Hours Students

Group, community & the organisational contexts to trauma (EDUC4201 UNUK) Trauma and the Community: perspective on group, community & the organisational contexts to trauma (EDUC4201 UNUK) MA Trauma Studies

Dissertation module Trauma MA Trauma Studies  

Theoretical Perspectives on Defining Trauma (EDUC4141 UNUK)  MA Trauma Informed Practice

Understanding Trauma (EDUC3011 UNUK) UG Humanistic Counselling

Working with Addictions (EDUC3009 UNUK)  UG Humanistic Counselling  

Research Project in Counselling (EDUC2048 UNUK) (SPR1 20-21) UG Humanistic Counselling


Since 2016 Course leader, MA Trauma Informed Practice (formerly called MA Trauma Studies). The course is run in collaboration with the Nottinghamshire Health Care Trust Centre for Trauma Resilience and Growth which is run by Hon. Professor Steve Regel, and has ties with the Institute of Mental Health.  The course has a strong multi-disciplinary focus and appeals to nurses, teachers, blue light services, ex-military, social workers, as well as the counsellors and psychotherapists. Trauma offers a common theoretical underpinning when applied to a range of disciplines, and fields of practice, whether it be in schools, or hospitals or prisons. Teaching and course delivery has a strong emphasis on connection to practice, and research informed curriculum.  



Many masters students have gone on to achieve success in their field.

Sandip Binning (MA CCYP 2008-2010) has gone on to become Chief Executive Lara Centre, Leicester.  The Lara Centre is a well-known charity based in the center of Leicester that works with hundreds of children and their families who are bereaved.

Bin Hu (MA CCYP 2008-2010) returned to Shanghai and joined the Shanghai Association of Counsellors in Higher Education (and arranged for me to speak to the association on one of my visits to China).

Daniel Mills-Da Bell (MA CCYP 2011-2013) produced a highly regarded short film for his student assessment which has been viewed 15,969 times on youtube.  Dan has gone on to become Clinical Lead for Xenzone and Kooth counselling for the past 15 years have been one of the major providers to the NHS of on-line MH support.  

Anagha Bharat Ranganathan (MA CCYP 2011-2013) Has gone on to be a Special Education Lead at Jamnabai Narsee School, Prayatna, India.

Ronda Pearce (MA CCYP 2012-2014) came to UoN as a teaching support assistant, and has gone to become CAMHS Citywide Manager at Nottingham City Council.

Melanie Hickling (MA Trauma 2016-2018) Commenced PhD studies, UoN, 2020.

Katy Woodger (MA Trauma 2016-2018) won a PhD studentship at the Open University.

Liam Collins (MA Trauma 2018-2020) appointed as Student Welfare officer, University of Manchester.     

Warde Bou Daher (MA Trauma 2018-2020) was invited to deliver a TedX lecture on unmasking sexual exploitation in her home country Lebanon, link.    

INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES.  China, Russia and Malaysia.


Part of the IMH delegation that presented at the Shanghai Expo 2010 (UoN were part the UK pavilion with a theme of mental health in sustainable societies). As well as the Shanghai Expo presentation, the delegation visit also held a day-long seminar with Fudan University, and a 2 day conference at the Shanghai Centre for Mental Health. Presented paper at Fudan University on Oct 15, 2010 ‘Children of the Revolution - reflections on the mental health implications of China's one child family policy’, and based on research in which had looked at birth order data in referrals to three primary school counselling services in the UK, and also data from one Pupil Referral Unit (PRU).  Our research raised some important questions about resilience and vulnerability. See two short films about the delegation visit to the Expo link and another focusing on discussions at Shanghai MH centre on education, shared research agendas, psychological and art therapies link.

2011, Jan 25, organiser UoN/IMH seminar; “Transgenerational upheaval and migration in the making of modern China,” including a discussion of the film: 24 City 24 directed by Jia Zhang Ke.  The seminar explored the evolution of China’s recent history through to the present day through the lens of Factory 420.  Professor Min Yang (who had been part of the China working group) talked about her experience growing up Chengdu.

2011, March 11. Joint video conference with Shanghai Fudan University particular focus on children and adolescent mental health.  

In 2011, June 16. Invited to deliver a keynote address at the XXII China Symposium on child mental health, Ningbo, a paper on mental health resilience and only children (first non-Chinese person to deliver a key note at the conference).

Visited a number of a community MH services and also a visit to a large psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Ningbo, visiting a number of wards, played table tennis with one of the patients (and lost emphatically) and was privy to the plans for a new ward block (ascertaining that they were planning to have several wards of 20 to 30 beds, I later met the Ningbo City Party Chair of Health and suggested having wards with fewer beds, that 12 was optimal in terms of safety and therapeutic efficacy. I learned later that the Party Chair had arranged for plans to be altered to accommodate a reduction in the number of beds per ward).

Consulted to Professor Nick Miles (provost UoN Ningbo) and student counselling services regarding increase in suicide among students

2011 July to September, co-ordinated the visit of Dr.Jue Chen, psychiatrist from Shanghai MH Centre during her three-month fellowship at the University of Nottingham where she was focusing on eating disorders (which was one a number of new and growing concerns in China). introduced Jue Chen to Professor Janet Treasure, a colleague from South London and Maudsley Trust.

2013 part of the UK delegation which visited China to review the landmark first Mental Health Act in China which was published. Several seminars sharing research ideas, and an address to the Shanghai Psychological Counselling Association of Higher Learning (counsellors working in all of the Shanghai Universities) link.

2014, March 29-April 2 Delegation strategic meetings with colleagues at Fudan University. Third meeting with Hua Fu, Professor of School of Public Health, and Director of Institute of Health Communication, Fudan University, China. Hua Fu was a bid partner in a number of UoN research bids.      


In July 2015 invited to the clinic of Dr Ruslan Isaev to meet his staff team.  Dr Isaev, a psychiatrist with a specialist interest in addictions, was developing some ground breaking practice in leading an out-patient detoxification problem but following this up with a stepdown programme with 4 residential therapeutic on the outskirts of Moscow area. Dr Isaev made a recording of one of our formative discussions link.        

In October 2017, meetings with Dr Ruslan and colleagues. Met Dr Konstantin Lemeshko and Professor Igor Pudikov, both of whom are psychiatrists and psychoanalysts. Visit to Moscow State Psychiatric Hospital, the largest and oldest psychiatric institution in Russia, 1700 in-patients and 250 out-patients.  

In February of 2018 I was appointed as a visiting professor at University Reaviz. On October 19 Inaugural lecture at University Reaviz Medical School, to a hundred or so students and tutors, and my lecture title was, ‘Child and Adolescent Mental Health’. On the 20th October 2018 I presented a key note at the prestigious Russian State University for the Humanities, the 4th conference "Psychiatry and psychoanalysis: Clinical dialogues" delivering the talk in lecture theatre where Vygotsky did his teaching.

On 25th October 2019 invited to present evidence to Russian State Civic Office, Russia Common Civic Chamber [see below] in regard to efficacious treatment for drug addiction. The evidence was part of a policy process equivalent to a UK Parliament Commons select committee.

October 25, 2019. Key note paper at the annual Clinical Dialogues conference, held at University of Reaviz, ‘Ortho-pedagogy, developing group supervision for prison officers’ based on work conducted in a UK prison whereby the prison officers received the equivalent of clinical supervision, and a programme of learning about some basic psychoanalytic theories about emotional distress.

October 27, 2019.  One day workshop at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis with the title, “tuning into the psychotic wavelength”.  The event was the equivalent of a clinical master class with 35 psychoanalysts, and a small number of trainees. The day included a series of presentations, discussions and also a live streamed consultation (in a studio in the Institute) where I conducted a fifty-minute interview with a man in his 30s who was suffered with chronic episodes of psychosis.  

March 18-19, 2020.  Key note at the annual Clinical Dialogues conference, St Petersburg. conference was ‘War and Peace, Feminism & Psychoanalysis’. Paper title, Lou Andreas Salome, the mother of psychoanalysis (she was born in St Petersburg in 1865, daughter of a Russian General, sometimes described as ‘Nietzsche’s wayward disciple’.     

April 26, 2021. One-day on line seminar on ‘case study research’ with students from University of Nottingham, University of Essex and Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis.

April 29, 2021 Appointed visiting Professor Russian State University for Humanities .


Supervised 3 UNMC candidates to PhD completion.

Andy Hau Yan Ho - Strengthening Palliative Care through Health Promotion and Education Reform: An Ethnographic Study on Student Learning Process and Outcome of a New Common Core Curriculum (CCC) Course on Death Education in Higher Education.  EdD Awarded May 2016.  (1st supervisor)

Sarah Chan Man Wai - Mandatory versus Voluntary Continuing Professional Education: Perspective on nursing in Singapore. EdD. Awarded June 2017. (1st supervisor, 2nd supervisor Patrick Callaghan)

Salmah Yussof - Counselling in groups.  Training standards, is the preparation fit for purpose. Completed 2017. Awarded January 2018. (1st Supervisor).


Since 2017, editor of the International Journal of Therapeutic Communities published by Emerald. 2020, re-structured the editorial board so the journal now has receiving editors for the Americas, Australasia, Europe and the UK. Journal is an excellent source of contact with colleagues across the globe.

Editorial board member of 2 leading international journal, Adolescent Psychiatry which is a US based journal edited by Lois Flaherty from Harvard, and also The Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, which has a strong international focus.

1998-2012. Editorial Board Member: Perspectives in Psychiatric Care (US based nursing journal edited by the late Suzanne Lego who was a mentee of Hildegarde Peplau, and introduced me to Peplau).  


(2021) Appointed as the 2021 Skellern Lecturer link (the appointments process is competitive after a shortlisting process and a panel of senior nurses vote on preferred candidate). The Skellern lecture is a prestige annual MH event, established in 1980 in order to remember the contribution of Eileen Skellern who was an influential figure in shaping the modern profession of MHN nursing in the UK. Previous Skellern lecturers including Professor Annie Altschul, Baroness Caroline Cox, two previous University of Nottingham laureates, Julie Repper (2006) and Patrick Callaghan (2011). 

(2016) Guest of honour at the Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association [ATCA] Annual Conference Dinner and Award. Invited to give an after dinner speech at the conference and then hand out annual awards. Melbourne. Nov 23.

(2015) Del Nevo, M. & Winship, G. (2015) Sex and Religion – Lou Andreas-Salome, The Devil and His Grandmother, and Three Letters to a Young Boy (with translation by Orgel, M & Jennings, K).  New York. Transactions Press.  Book was featured in the influential WIA Report link.

(2014) “A genealogy of therapeutic community ideas: the influence of the Frankfurt School with a particular focus on Herbert Marcuse & Eric Fromm” selected as a 2014 Highly Commended Paper winner for: The International Journal of Therapeutic Communities.

(2007) 11th Annual Maxwell Jones Lecture respondent: to Anne Aiyegbusi. Royal Society of Medicine, London. Sept 7th.

(2007) Publishers report JPMHN: 3rd most downloaded MHN paper 2007 Blackwell’s synergy: 2006 Further thoughts on the process of restraint.  Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 13: 55–60.  This paper also cited by Amnesty International in a guidance document for human rights (AI Index: ACT 84/004/2006. Summary, AI reports & statements, Death Penalty, HIV/AIDS, Prisoners, Right to health, Torture, Awards, Publications (2006) AI Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 4, 17).

(1996) 1st Prize in the Therapeutic Communities Journal Essay competition; "Democracy in psychiatric Settings"

(1995) Tom Main Memorial Prize: Merit Award.


(2019) Report on Psychoeducation programme – fire intervention stopped my grandson burning down his school. Nottingham Evening Post. Sept 14, link.

(2015) BBC Radio Oxford, breakfast news.  Item on arson and motivation (following the news that arson has increased by over 30% in Oxford in the past year. October 8.

(2013) BBC Radio 2.  15-minute studio interview with Jeremy Vine about the Leyland fires, young people and arson.  September 2.

(2009)  Daily Telegraph article by Eric Clark: Arson – ‘A burning desire’ (consulted and quoted in article; “Gary Winship one of the two leading experts on the psychology of arson in the UK”.  Daily Telegraph October 15.

(2009) Live interview BBC Radio Nottingham Frances Finn, morning show. February 25 link.

(2009) Austrian Radio FM: re: arson. News item interviewee. February 10.

(2007) Fires in Greece.  The Times.  August 12.  Consulted for comments, quoted in article. 

(2007) Pick me Up Magazine.  Consulted, commentary and quote on Burtonshaw arson case. August 11.

(2007) Hull & East Riding Daily Mail.  Commentator for lead article on the case of arson re: David Burtonshaw. May 3.

(2007) Channel 4 documentary on 'Pyromania'.  Programme consultant.  Screened February 6, 11pm 2007. 

(2007) Radio Berkshire, September 12th - Interviewed for breakfast show about a local case of arson. 


(2021) Webinar Panel Member: Reading for mental health. This event was part of Nottingham Forest FC’s activity to raise awareness about MH after a number of suicides among fans. link.  

(2019) Discussant for film Art and Mind (2019), Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.  Screened 27th Nov.  This was a half hour post film discussion between myself and a local artist, hosted by the director of Backlit.

(2019) Programme consultant: Call the Midwife, BBC.  Season 9 re a story line about a young medic who developed an addiction.

(2018) Art and Public Health.  Paper presented to the Midlands Public Health Registrars Annual conference. 4th September

(2016) Comedy & Mental Health – Presenter and panel member.  Lakeside Theatre, (evening chaired by comedian Lucy Porter), University of Nottingham. May 5.

(2014) Art and Recovery.  Nottingham Post. January 19

(2014) BBC TV East Midlands 6.30 news.  Schools, Suicide & Self-Harm.  Interview with Rob Sissons. January 24. link

(2014) BBC Radio Nottingham.  Breakfast Show.  Interview ahead of conference: Schools, Suicide & Self-Harm. January 24.

(2012) Legal Highs. Quoted in article. Nottingham Evening Post. May 14.

(2012) Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery. The Art of Alfred Kubin.  A public gallery walkthrough lecture; 29 August

(2011) BBC Radio Nottingham. Live morning show studio interview (along with Nigel Chapman, Notts Coroner) preceding UoN Narratives of Trauma conference.  Discussing pupil suicides and Malorie Blackman's Noughts & Crosses. May 19

(2011) Ashbourne School, Derbyshire.  A-level psychology class: on Psychoanalysis & Lou Andreas Salome. This was an invite from one of my PhD students, Fiona Birkbeck, who was head of psychology, Ashbourne School. April 8.

(2011) Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery.  This Event Will Change Your Life – An evening of public Lectures.  Keynote: Psychoanalysis, art & creativity. Jan 25.  

(2009) Studio live interview BBC Radio Nottingham morning show: re: Edlington brothers. September 8  

(2008) Heart 106.  News item evening news: Interview re: suicide websites. January 18.

(2008) Consultant for Great Ormond Street website information on substance misuse.

(2007) Radio Nottingham - knife crime.  Consulted for Breakfast Show piece October 23. 

(2006) Uof Sheffield Nursing student group visit to the Freud Museum featured in a BBC2 documentary about small museums link.



INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES.  China, Russia and Malaysia.





PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT.  Honours, media and other outreach




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