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SECTION 2: RESEARCH.  Grants, Doctoral research supervision, publication and other dissemination activities













Sep 2021-August 2022 ESRC Acceleration Account. Mode B. Fire and Rescue Service Education Policy Review Winship, G (P-I) £48,421.90

Jan 2021-Aug 2021 New School, Croydon  Participatory action research, models of change. Townsend, A (P-I), C-I’s Winship, G, Greany, T, Taylor, P £47,686.25

Nov 2021-Nov 2026. NIHR  Recovery Colleges Characterisation and Testing (RECOLLECT) 2 Chief investigator, Slade, M. for UoN C-I, Winship, C-I Bishop.    £1,167,939.14 (award to UoN, Health Science, (£19,285.17 School of Education)

Mar-May  2020 UoN Westminster – Rapid Systematic Review Browne, K (PI), C-I’s Paddock, Winship, Green.  £8,473.35

Aug 2019-July 2020 QR funded GCRF projects Forensic mental health challenges in Columbia Browne, K (PI), Winship (CI) £49,978.06

Oct 2018- Sep 2024 Nottinghamshire Health Care Foundation Trust What is the potential of poetry in facilitating meaning making for individuals who have experienced psychosis? Winship (PI), Pearson (C-I) £6,890.43

Jul 2017-June 2021 Notts Police Commission Crime & Drugs partnership Psychoeducation programme Counselling for young persistent fire setters. Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Services Winship, G. P-I £20,934

Jul 2015-Jun 2016 Institute of Mental Health. Managed Innovation Network: School Age Suicide and Self-Harm Winship, G. P-I £2,740

May 2015-Apr 2016 Foundation for the Sociology of Health & Illness Mental Health & Therapeutic Communities: Towards a New Sociology of Hope (Manning, N P-I,  CI’s: Winship, G; Back, L; Froggett, L).    £5,900

May 2015-Jun 2017. Notts Police Commission Crime & Drugs partnership Pilot study examining early intervention for persistent young fire setters. With Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Services  Winship, G. P-I £4,495

Mar 2013-Feb 2018 AHRC Clay as Mutual Recovery – Connected communities.  This was a project stream that was part of the Creative Practice & Mutual Recovery, which was a £1.5m project led by Crawford, P. Winship, G. P-I £183,754

Sep 2012-Aug 2015 Institute of Mental Health. Managed Innovation Network: School Age Suicide & Self-Harm. Institute of Mental Health.

Winship, G. P-I £5,020

Aug 2011-July 2012 Arts Sandpit funding, UoN Therapeutic use of Clay with Disturbed Adolescents Winship, G. P-I £25,000.   

Nov 2005-Sep 2008 ESRC Psychosocial Aspects of Malicious Fire-setting. Schools and fire.  

Winship, G. P-I £17,977.

May 1999-June 2004 NHS Workforce Confederation  Democracy and service user-involvement Winship, G (supervised by RD Hinshelwood, Rustin M, Richard, B)  £26,000


Simon Clarke - Being Real: A Layered Account of Authenticity, Recovery and Professionalisation.  Completed 2020 (1st supervisor). [80%]

Emma Joyes - AHRC funded.  Creative practice in acute MH. Due to complete 2019 (2nd Supervisor - IMH). [20%]

Fiona Birkbeck - Organisational change and leadership in the NHS & Schools. Completed 2017. (1st Supervisor). Awarded 2018.

Salmah Yussof (UNMC) - Counselling in groups.  Training standards, is the preparation fit for purpose. Completed 2017. (1st Supervisor).  Awarded January 2018.

Sarah Chan Man Wai - Mandatory versus Voluntary Continuing Professional Education: Perspective on nursing in Singapore. EdD (1st supervisor, 2nd supervisor Patrick Callaghan). Awarded June 2017

Jennifer West - EdD.  Completed 2018. (2nd Supervisor)

Jan Royal – What impact has the introduction of the ongoing achievement record had on mentors and on the robustness of the associated assessment practices? EdD Awarded 2017. (1st supervisor).

Andy Hau Yan Ho - Strengthening Palliative Care through Health Promotion and Education Reform: An Ethnographic Study on Student Learning Process and Outcome of a New Common Core Curriculum (CCC) Course on Death Education in Higher Education (1st supervisor).  EdD Awarded May 2016.

Jenelle Clarke (ESRC studentship)  – Comparative study of therapeutic community practice (2nd supervisor, 1st supervisor Nick Manning).  In-depth observations to see first-hand how people suffering from mental health problems interact with staff and fellow clients in two psychotherapeutic communities.   (Winner of UoN Postgraduate Endowed Award 2014). PhD Awarded June 2015.    

Christine Louise English - Attachment patterns in drug addiction. PhD awarded 2011. (1st Supervisor).


Kleopatra Pssaraki – Therapeutic Communities: A Social Movement?  (1st Supervisor, 2nd Supervisor Hon. Professor Rex Haigh, School of Sociology and Social Policy). Vive April 2021

Ann Scott – Violence and de-escalation in acute wards. (1st Supervisor, 2nd supervisor Hon. Professor Stephen Briggs).  Due to complete October 2022  

Mark Pearson: Can we understand psychosis as poetic communication? (1st supervisor, 2nd supervisor, Stefan Rennick Egglestone, School of Health Sciences). Due to complete October 2023.

Patricia Lagos – A comparative study of teacher’s well-being across primary schools (Sevilla, Nottingham, and Santiago). (1st supervisor, 2nd supervisor Dr Katy Wakelin, School of Education).   

Melanie Hickling – Is time experienced differently in circumstances of trauma and post-trauma? (Co-supervisor with Professor Jonathan Tallant, School of Philosophy).


[PR = Peer reviewed, PA = Principle Author, T = Teaching related]

PR PA T Mohamed, N.H., Beckstein, A., Winship, G., Mou, T.A.K., Pang, N.T.P., Relojo-Howell, D. (2022) Effects of self-expressive writing as a therapeutic method to relieve stress among university students.  Journal of Poetry Therapy, 35, 4, ****

PR PA T Winship, G. (2021) The evolution of mental health in schools – where from, where next?  Cambridge Journal of Education, accepted 12/02/21.  https://doi.org/10.1080/0305764X.2021.1891204

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108 conference papers (full list available on request).  39 Invited, plenary or key note addresses listed below.

(2022) Psychoanalysis & Therapeutic Communities, History & Progress. Key note. Russian Psychoanalytic Federation Annual Conference, Stavropol, RU. Jan 9.   

(2021) 50 Years of Therapeutic Communities – a discussion with RD Hinshelwood.  Keynote session.  One day conference Managing Organisational Cultures in Complex Settings.  University of Essex, The Consortium of Therapeutic Communities. Dec 10.    

(2021) Psychoanalysis, Art or Science?. Paper presented to Centre for Medical Anthropology (Russian Academy of Sciences), Moscow, Russia. November 29.

(2020) Interview with Rowdy Yates.  The 42nd Conference of the UK Therapeutic Community Association TCTC. [On line]. November 9-11.

(2020) Lou Andreas-Salome – Her Personal and Theoretical Influence on Psychoanalysis. Key note: Clinical Dialogues Conference: War and Peace, Feminism and Psychoanalysis.  St Petersberg [on-line].  March 18.

(2019) Mental Health, Unemployment and Education (paper and morning panel with Vernon Coaker and Paddy Tipping).  Experience Works Conference - Tackling youth and long-term unemployment.  May 24.  East Midland conference centre.

(2019) Structure and Control versus Spontaneity and Anarchy. Legacoop Association of Therapeutic Communities Annual Accreditation Conference.    Sede Centrale Legacoop, Rome.  29-30 March.

(2018) Psychoanalysis and Mental Health in the UK. 4th Russian Psychoanalysis Clinical Dialogues conference.  Russian State Humanities University, Moscow. October 20.  

(2018) Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Ingredients for working in Schools. Professorial lecture. University Reaviz Medical School, Moscow. October 19.     

(2018) Art and Public Health.  Paper presented to the Midlands Public Health Registrars Annual conference. September 4.

(2016) Mutual Recovery and Creative Practices. Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association [ATCA] Annual Conference.  Melbourne. Nov 23. link.

(2016) Piloting a counselling intervention for young persistent fire setters [with Peter Brown].  Looking Back, Looking Forward: Marking 20 years of Fire Related Research, Development and Innovation (RE16). West Midlands Fire Service HQ, Birmingham. Nov 15.

(2016) Researching Hope and Recovery – keynote at: ‘TCs, EE’s Prisons: Mechanisms of Hope’; one day conference, HMP Grendon Underwood.  Sept 23.

(2015) Therapeutic Communities and Anarchy.  Keynote: Windsor Conference. The UK Consortium of Therapeutic Communities Annual Conference.  Windsor, UK. October 19-21.

(2015) The Pleasure Paradox. Key note at The Addiction’s Conference - Spiritus contra spiritum. Society for Analytical Psychology. Arundel House, London Jan 30.

(2014) Talking on Egg Shells - the challenges of talking about suicide. Key note: East Midlands Suicide and Self Harm Network Conference.  University of Nottingham.  June 13.

(2014) Rescuing Recovery.  Key note at: Royal College of Psychiatrist’s Community of Communities Annual Forum. Brunei Gallery SOAS, London. May 1. link.

(2014) Schools & Suicide.  Plenary address and panel chair [Ella Arensman (Cork), Rory O Connor (Glasgow)].  University of Nottingham. January 24.  

(2013) Keynote paper: The erotic journey of Lou Andreas-Salome: A story for our time.  The Modern Erotic: A multi-disciplinary international conference (introduction by Suzy Orbach). Anna Freud Centre. June 8.  

(2012) History of Ward Six.  Invited paper: Conference: Unimaginable Storms – Celebrating the Life & Work of Murray Jackson. Institute of Psychiatry, Wolfson Lecture Theatre. November 10. link.

(2011) Ningbo, China.  XXII Symposium on Child Mental Health. Key note address: Mental health resilience and only children.  June 16.          

(2011) Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery.  This Event Will Change Your Life – An evening of public Lectures.  Keynote: Psychoanalysis, art & creativity. Jan 25.  

(2010) Fudan University, Shanghai, China. Seminar on Mental Health. Invited paper: Children of the Revolution - reflections on the mental health implications of China's one child family policy. October 15.

(2010) Shanghai Mental Health Centre, Shanghai, China.  One day seminar. Invited paper: Children of the Revolution - reflections on the mental health implications of China's one child family policy. October 14.

(2010) Bion’s unpublished notes on Rosenfeld’s psychotic addicts. Keynote: Community Housing & Therapy Trust. Conference: psychosis & substance misuse. The Royal Society of Medicine, London. March 5.

(2009) Sheffield Hallam. Innovations in Mental Health - Student conference.  Keynote: Reflections on the changes in MHN.  November 12.

(2009) 'Wir' playing trust games': rethinking health education strategies to combat sharing among IDUs. Keynote:  5th Annual Addiction & Psychotherapy Conference. Friends Meeting House, Euston, London.  July 1-2.

(2006) Chess with a schizophrenic: Murphy versus Endon, Beckett & Bion.  What we learn about psychotherapy from a game of chess. Invited paper: Mental Health Nurses Association Conference. Harrogate International Conference Centre.  Oct 19.  

(2003) Lou Andreas-Salome’s ‘The Erotic’. Keynote paper: 10th Anniversary of Freud’s Women (with Lisa Appignaesi & John Forrester).  Tavistock/ Freud Museum joint conference, Tavistock, London.  December 6

(2001) Dual Diagnosis and Episodic Psychosis. Keynote: Psychotherapy & the Psychoses.  CONFER conference, Tavistock, London.  Sept 29.

(2000) Conference chair and plenary address.    Addiction Analysis 2000 joint conference Tavistock, ATC and University of East London.  Tavistock Clinic, London. Oct 5-6.  

(1996) Lead organiser and chair of Dr Suzanne Lego’s key note address at the 2nd APP Nursing Conference.  Tavistock, London. Oct 12.  

(1996) Psychodynamic Nursing in the UK. Invited paper. International Organization for Psychodynamic Nursing [IOPN], April 17-19. Mohonk Mountain House, New York.  

(1995), Lead conference organiser and plenary session facilitator: Crossing the Divide Between Psychoanalysis and Nursing - A Bridge too Far?  The Inaugural APP Nursing Conference. Tavistock, London October 28.

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